Backcountry Bowhunting is right on the bulls eye

hardcover copy of Backcountry Bowhunting by Cameron HanesBackcountry Bowhunting

Author: Cameron Hanes. Publisher: Eastmans

I have subscribed to Eastman’s Bowhunting Journal for 2 years now and have read a few of their books. Reading their literature is very inspiring and encouraging for hunters to get off the beaten path and go live up on the peak of a mountain for 10 days "DIY (do it yourself)" to bag your quarry. This thought can be intimidating to those who mainly hunt farm land, forest roads, or go on guided ranches to shoot their animal.

Learning from those who do it the hard way, on their own, in the disparity of the high country’s solitude is very inspiring for those whom crave challenge, like me for example. Reading Eastman’s literature enlightened me to a whole new world of opportunities and challenges, let me just say that there is nothing more satisfying than hiking up a seemingly insurmountable peak and living on your pack for nights on end. You get a great sense of accomplishment while realizing how small and fragile us humans are when exposed to the elements at high altitudes. No doubt, DIY hunts can be very rewarding but they also need a lot of preparation. The right gear, training, and mental preparedness has to be in tact. 

One who wants to venture out into the high country has alot of knowledge to accumulate before commencing, and Backcountry Bowhunting by Cameron Hanes is a great guide to inform you on what to expect on your next alpine adventure. I recommend this great guide to anyone who wants to learn the gear, strategies, food requirements, and mental toughness required to start venturing on these excruisiating but rewarding journeys. 4 out of 5 stars!

To purchase check out Eastman’s:


Making Storage Room Count For Hunting Gear

Maybe I am not the only hunter living in a condo with limited storage space for all my hunting and camping gear. It can be good to have limited space, as you prioritize what you absolutely need to function and then turf the rest.

I for one am a gear junkie and have a raft of hunting and camping equipment that is stored at friends homes, at the in laws house, and most commonly used items are put in the store room. I like to have things organized, and after helping another condo bound outdoor enthusiast with his condo storage unit, I asked him to help me with my storage room. What are friends for right?

anyways, we used old plywood and 2×4 for the shelving and I picked up some slat board from the local hunting store to hang my most popularly used pieces of equipment on like: bino’s, rangefinder, pack, sleeping bag, etc. In half a day weconstructed 3 shelves and lined both sides of the store unit with slat board. I am quite happy with the results.

Brown Bear Kills Moose Video

Wow, I just saw this video on you tube. This display of power from the brown bear is unbelievable.  I personally can handle a quarter of a moose, but to see a brown bear drag a moose with his mouth is astounding. What an incredible animal. I envy the man who lives in an area in which moose are killed by bears on the driveway. Enjoy:


Hunting Nanuq With Michele Leqve

I was exited to see that my much anticipated copy of Hunting Nanuq arrived via Canada Post today. The reason I was looking forward to this DVD was that it was the first women in history(on record) to shoot a polar bear with a bow.

The story starts with a short biography, the pre-trip planning, talking to outfitters, and getting gear ready. I was impressed to learn that Michele Leqve has 36 big game animals under her belt with archery tackle. 12 of those made the pope and young book.

If you are going to plan a polar bear hunt, the information at the beginning of the DVD will be helpful as it shows what one should expect, for example; what you will have to wear while hunting the great polar bear. Conversations with local authorities are on film with some guidelines are made clear for their hunting regulations. Sled dogs and  guides are featured so you can get a good idea of what you will encounter when you arrive for a polar bear hunt.

The hunt itself was short with only 1 bear tracked and killed on film during the 3rd day afield, so if you are looking for an actioned packed, kill shot filled hunting movie, this one may not fit the bill. It does however show history in the making of Michele Leqve successfully hunting and killing a polar bear with her bow. Michele’s husband Jim was the camera man, and he did a good job of getting the kill shot clearly filmed. However there were some other hunts labeled as bonus features on the DVD that captured some great hunts, deer, caribou, elk and a color phase black bear. I really enjoyed the caribou hunt, what a monster. Great shooting Michelle!

To order her video:

Camouflage Is Always in Season at Tractor Supply Company

IBEP Certification

I went to get the mail today and found my IBEP(International Bowhunting Education Program) sponsored through NBEF certification card . Through my regional archery association, the BCAA, I completed the course almost a month ago. It was a good course, a great refresher and I recommend it to anyone involved in bowhunting, especailly if you are new to the sport, Ted Kennedy was the instructor and he did a fine job.

The course covers everything from basic hunter education like; survival,clothing, and ethics all the way to technical bowhunting apsects such as arrow spine, shot placement, and broadhead selection. The practical aspect was fun and educational, we got to shoot 3D targets out of blinds and treestands, as well as learn how to set up blinds and treestands with safety in mind.

I originally took the course to make sure I was well versed and refreshed as the bowhunting world is always changing. I also wanted the course in case I decided to go on  an Alaskan Brown Bear Hunt, as the IBEP course is mandatory.

Good Elk Hunting Book

Elk Hunting The West The Eastman Way

Author: Mike Eastman. Publication: Eastmans

Anyone interested in going elk hunting for the first time or seasoned elk hunters looking for some new strategies or technique? This book is a great guide. The book covers all the important steps from scouting, outfitting, to calling, tracking, hunting strategies,harvesting, and packing. A well written book from one of America’s most famous hunting families. All the bases are covered in this book. I got a lot of good gear tips from Mike as he discussed; optics, camoflauge, and elk calls. Its rare to see so much detailed information in a hunting book but Eastmans is pretty thorough reading.Mike has been a guide in prime elk hunting territory since a teenager he has since become a legendary writer/photographer of wildlife and hunting expeditions.


I am looking forward to going this sept 1st for the elk archery season in B.C. !!

Remington’s New Shotgun Slug

Has anyone seen the new Remington Premier Accutip bonded sabot slug? It looks pretty cool, shotgun hunters will have something to look forward to this hunting season. It probably would be effective for a backup defender shotgun round when bowhunting in bear country as well. Check out the video on Remingtons website:

Trying out Traditional Archery

Today I went out to the ridgedale club and a helpful member agreed to let me try his traditional long bow that he built himself along with his yellow cedar arrows.

limbs were made of elm wood and had a 55# draw at 28".

I really liked the feel of it although it was more laborous than a compound bow set at 70#. But the natural feeling was refreshing.

I had good success meaning I hit the target most of the time. I am quite positive of learning to shoot traditional archery, especailly seeing it was my first time shooting with traditional archery tackle.

I am hoping that my wife gets me a long bow for my birthday so I can practise for future hunts with it.

I will go out next thursday and shoot the bow a little more.


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