Nifty Little Range Finder Holder

As an archer I am continually trying out new gear and testing how to be most effeciant with my setup. I ordered a range finder holder from cherry hill outdoors in order to have a better system for my binos and rangefinder. I used a string from my bino buddies to carry my range finder but found that it would swing and hit my binos and make to much noise. I then kept it in my pocket but found it was not as hand as I like. I just received the range finder holder and hope to try it out in the field soon as I am quite optimistic about how it will streamline my optics rig.

Mule Deer Hunting Video Review

Title: High & Low in Mule Deer Country

Publisher: Eastman’s

The Video is a classic Eastman’s production trademarked with the classic music enchanting all Eastman flicks. There is some great tips on patterning mule deer and how to hunt big cagey trophy mule deer. These guys are trophy hunters so you get to see some big bucks. The best and most exciting part is the footage of a cougar and a mule deer buck fighting. Alot of action in this clip. There are a few good kills, but the videography is not the best Ive seen. Overall I give this film 3/5. check it out if you would like to see some mule deer hunting tips:

High & Low in Mule Deer Country DVD


Bear Down with Rifle

black bear shot with rifle It is always a joy to see a hunter take his first big game animal and I was very happy to take member Chris out for a bear hunt and help him have a successful black bear hunt. We started down an area we scouted last year that showed promise with all the bear scat around. We parked the truck and started walking down the deactivated road when all of the sudden a black bear jumped out of the ditch and started running down the road. Just before the bear disappeared into the bush Chris plugged it with his .270 win with a perfect boradside quartering away shot and dropped the bear instantly. We took some good pictures and savoured the moment before begining to bone out the meat and skinning the hide for a bear rug. We hung the bear skull up in a tree in order to let the bugs pick off the bulk of the meat before we make a European bear skull.

Scouting From The Air

We are always looking for new hunting grounds and sometimes the best areas are the closest to us. A long drive can be a time consuming and costly venture so staying local can put more time and money into your hunting trips.

I decided to use some of the resources around me to find some new hunting areas locally. My father in law is a pilote. We flew over some areas that are hard to access in order to find some promising hunting grounds that are away from the crowds. I really got to take in some great scenery and do some quality exploration. Here are some of the pics from the air: Air Photos