Grizzly Bear Trophy Hunting a Positive Sustainable Activity

A fellow asked me the other day if I support trophy hunting for grizzly bears and I of course do but the explanation I gave to him was well recieved. Could education of the purpose of Grizzly bear hunting help persuade the naysayers? I believe so, by educating anti hunters about the reasons why we hunt grizzly bears we can silence the anti hype. Here are some reasons why I believe hunting grizzly bears for trophy purposes or meat is a good idea:

Money-the bottom line: How many anti hunters do you know that speak up against hunting support or fund grizzly bear conservation efforts? Hunters pump almost all private funding towards grizzly bear management and conservation. Think about how much hunters pay on applying for the draw, licenses, tags, and guiding fees. Not to mention the inderect monies that flow into conservation. How much do anti hunters put into grizzly bear conservation?

Preserving the fear of man: Hunting grizzly bears instills that they should stay away from man. Grizzlys that are not hunted can lose their respect and fear of man by encountering man and civilization. Rouge grizzlys have been known to attack livestock, encroach on urban areas, and attack humans. The hunting of grizzly bears pushes the bears further into the wilderness and makes them realize that man presents a threat. Contrary to what idealistic hippies might believe, we cant live in harmony with dangerous top of the food chain predators, they deserve their vast wilderness space away from urban areas. Grizzlys cannot co-habitate with man unlike the adaptable coyote and black bear.

Keeping the herd healthy: Nature works in cycles and when there is an abundance of food animals over produce untill there is famine or desease that wipes out the herd. By taking 3-5% of the herd and recieving funds, the grizzly bear herd is stronger and healthier with steady numbers instead of going through extreme high and low populations.

So even if hunters are hunting a grizzly bear for the trophy, the activity still has benefits for the grizzly bear long term. If hunters are not allowed to partake in the sport, who then would step up to pay for the funding of the management, research, and conservation of these great beasts.

here are some grizzly bear facts from the government of BC:

here are some grizzly bear hunting tips:

Excellent taxidermy preperation video

Have you ever been in the field with your downed trophy animal and wondered what to do next? There are alot of steps and precautions to take into consideration when making a trophy shoulder mount. If the right steps and precautions are not followed you could ruin your once in a lifetime trophy. Therefore It is best to talk with a taxidermist before you go hunting so you can find out what he prefers you to do for him and how to preserve the cape in the field as long as possible to prevent slippage and spoilage of the cape. Here is a great video that shows you all the neccassary steps and techniques to properly cape and skin out a trophy game head for the taxidermist: How to Cape and skin for a shoulder mount video.

Hunting Dog Training












I took my labrador retriever for a training session to see if he would retrieve properly. The day was a great success. Roofus loved the Dokken mallard retrieval duck and retreived it successfully after each throw. I was proud of him, especailly after this falls episode when he would not retrieve the real duck that was shot, view here: Dog trying to retrieve.

I think he initially took interest because his mom wanted the duck and it was a competiton, but we let them retrieve sperately and he could barely wait to get back into the water to grab the mallard. It was a good day as he felt like he was accomplishing something and making me happy by retrieving the duck. To read my review of the training duck click: Dokken Deadfowl Trainers. I am excited to take him for another try at real waterfowl this fall to see if he will continue his successful retrievals on real waterfowl.  I think the key is to interest the dogs  to birds and give them great praise for accomplishing the task of retrieving although for most dogs it is insticntual, the craft just has to be perfected and nurtured by the trainer.For hunting dog training tips click the link.  To view more pictures of the dog training vew this album: Dog Retreving Duck.