Did You See The 1016 Yard Black Bear Kill Shot?

I was on youtube and a friend showed me this long range shot on a black bear. I am just wondering if this is responsible hunting. I know the guys doing the shooting were highly skilled and had the right technical equipment as you can see in the video but it still seems like a stretch to kill game at that distance due to variables. I wonder if the bear could have moved before the gun shot and the bullet reached him? I am very fascinated at the skill required to take an animal at that distance but I am still on the fence wether or not it is a good practice to get into. I would love to recieve the training and practice to be able to do long range shooting like that but I would not do it unless I was 100% confident that i would not wound the game. Check out this: kill zone chart for black bears if you want to see the small room for error required at that yardage.


Alpine Mule Deer Success

We got up the mountain on friday night after pre-scouting this alpine basin the summer before. On saturday morning my hunting partner Sid shot this guy at 7:30am @ 200yds. I got it on camera, with the tripod so its some nice footage. I will include this on an upcoming hunting DVD.
We got fogged in on saturday afternoon, spent the night in the storm and came down sunday morning as visability was 30 yds. The hunt was very tough and conditions were extreme from hot to a cold storm.To learn more about back pack hunting and the gear required visit: Back pack hunting guide

Early Season Whitetail Advice

After hunting the archery season of early September here in B.C. I came up with a few observations of hunting whitetail deer:

as for whitetail hunting, I found that they move around in the areas that I hunt from 8am-4pm for whatever reason but the big bucks are more nocturnal. In the heat of the day I have been able to locate them bedded down around stream and creek beds in the grass, you may want to try that mid day and sit in the stand at dawn and dusk. Even early on the whitetail seem to be on a pattern so if you see them in one spot chances are they will be there again, I hope this helps. For a good article on whitetail hunting check out the link.

First Outing For Blacktail

As I live close to a mountain that holds a blacktail population that is huntabe by archery tackle only, I went out looking for a blacktail buck for the first time this season. Blacktail are especially hard to hunt and hunting them pre-rut only makes things more challenging, but its a close area to hunt so what the heck.

I walked into some logging slashes and went back to an area I hunted last season but was discouraged to find a new logging and developing operation. I then decided to walk some mountain bike trails. I have to give a shout out the the mountain bikers of Abbotsford who made great walking trails up the mountain. I did find some small deer and large deer tracks close to some streams but did not see any deer. I will keep trying for a blacktail and all the while keep a diary of my ghost hunting I mean blacktail hunting.

Visit this link for more information on blacktail deer hunting

Scouting for Your Elk Hunt

Mid August was upon me and I had an archery hunt planned for the 1st week of September. I decided to go and scout around the places I was planning to hunt. I first talked with hunters and checked my maps to find good areas along with the hunting regulations to find the most hunting oppertunities.

My wife and I drove to the hunting grounds and scouted around. We spotted an abundance of whitetail deer, some mule deer, and at dusk we came accross 2 bull elk. Mind you these were not herd bulls but they had at least 5 countable points on each side of their racks. This was close to where I shot my elk 2 years ago so I felt this spot would do just fine.


I also filmed these bulls so I was quite happy about that. I will have to upload my video footage of my scouting trip to share it with you all.

If anyone would like some Scouting Tips for Elk Hunting be sure to click the link.

Mastering the Art Guide to Elk Calling

I recently watched this elk calling video and practiced my elk bull and cow calls before heading up the mountain after ivory tipped beasts. The video has some good instruction but also has alot of fluff. You get your calling sounds and tips to make the calls perform well but you have to put up with some cheesey sales pitches and overpraise of the owner himself awgling his calls. All in all I would say this is a good video for learning elk calls so go ahead and watch it just ignore the over zealous Mr. Primos. 3/5.

to buy: https://shop.primos.com/pc-636-64-mastering-the-art-guide-to-calling-elk-dvd.aspx

Gearing up for Elk with The Truth 9 Big Bulls

I sat down and plugged in The Truth 9 Big Bulls from Primos to brush up on some elk hunting tips before heading out on my archery elk hunt and I realized that its a pretty darn good elk hunting video. There is 10 hunts featured on the DVD and kills with muzzle loader and archery. It is neat to see the close encounters of the hunters with the elk. I recommend this elk hunting video to anyone interested in the sport as it will give you a good idea of what elk hunting is about along with some hunting tips. I give this DVD a 4/5.