White Tail Buck Down

I went out to hunt the interior for a whitetail hunt this weekend with my Father-in law, his Father, and his Uncle. It was good to be out with some new guys hunting in a different area. We stayed at a flee bag motel and ate decent meals at the diner so we had all the comforts of home while we hunted. We were some tough hunters eh!

Anyways, 1 hour into the hunt while driving to look for some areas to hunt, This guy stumbled accross the road and I fed him a 165grain pill from my .300wm, ’twas a free hand shot, roughly 40 yards away, give or take a couple yards. I know it is not a giant whitetail but it was a legal buck in a brand new area we were weekend hunting and I wanted to bring home some meat. It was also the first game animal I harvested with my new Weatherby Vangaurd .300wm.


That buck turned out to be lucky as we hunted the rest of the weekend seeing around 40 deer but only 2 were legal whitetail bucks, and they were on the run when we spotted them through the timber.

The area provided some nice walking trails and open old growth timber with ample feed I would love to try for a bigger buck as we saw 2 – 4×4 whitetails and 1- 4×4 muley along with 2- 2×2 muleys.