Another Spring Bear Down

black bear with hunter and rifleAt 4:00am the alarm went off but even though I felt disgusting waking up that early, I know that it is the only way I will help my hunting partner be successful. We were hunting locally around the area in which we live, which is a crowded area. I know if we are not finished by 8am all the campers and quaders will be tearing up all the mountain sides within one hours driving distance. Besides when I shot my bear a few weeks back it was at around 5:30 am.

We travelled in my partners 4×4 up the steep mountain sides after we got our Tim Hortons coffee of course, untill we hit snow. Then when we were above the tree line we headed back down. All of the sudden I spot a black bear about 300 yards away. Chris gets out and loads his rifle but the bear dissapeared behind a bush before he could shoot. We walked on foot to try to cut off the estimated path of travel of the bear and wouldnt you know it, we did. I spotted the bear once more and Chris got into the seated shooting position and with one crack of the .270 Winchester, the black bear was done. We walked up to the carcass and began the skinning and gutting. It was a successful one shot kill and a job well done. I look forward to trying the pepporoni.