Fall Black Bear Hunting

Are you going out for a fall black bear hunt soon? If so, increase your chances of success by studying the greatest black bear hunting system available. Book and DVD contain:

Black bears- Information on size and color variations as well as eating habits, gestation periods, and reproduction. Comprehensive information on black bear facts, animal characteristics, and universal survival tips for the outdoor enthusiast.

Bear hunting gear- In order to equip hunters properly for their bear hunt, the right gear is a necessity. The book and DVD provide you with hunting trip checklists for all types of situations and gives specific gear advice. There is guidance on proper caliber and bullet information, bow and arrow tips, boots, optics, rangefinders, clothing and all essential bear hunting equipment.

Baiting black bears- For those who live in legal baiting areas such as Alaska, Alberta, and Saskatchewan you will appreciate all the tree stand hunting bear baiting content in the book and DVD. Tips on finding a bait location, setting up bait stations, setting up a tree stand, and bear bait recipes are all shown in great educational detail. Trail cameras and timing are also brought into the discussion in an attempt to heighten your chances of success.

Bear field care- After the kill, the real work begins. The book shows detailed picture instruction on how to properly gut and skin a black bear for a rug. The DVD shows step by step procedure on field dressing and the proper steps on skinning for a bear rug. This chapter alone will make you a more accomplished and well rounded hunter. This information might end up saving you thousands over the years.

And much much more, visit: Black-Bear-Hunting.com and find out way bear hunters are raving about this revolutionary bear hunting system.

Grizzly Makes Boone and Crockett

I just got my grizzly bear skull scored after cleaning it and letting it dry the required 60 days. The skull was officially scored at 24 13/16". Almost an inch larger than the required minimum score to enter the Boone and Crockett all time book. Check out the story here:


Vortex Optic Sale

Vortex Riflescope and Binocular Sale

Vortex has announced that they are discontinuing a few items which presents a fantastic opportunity to get some great gear at super low prices. These are all brand new and HEAVILY discounted. Take advantage while supplies last.

Cameraland NY

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Vortex Viper 6.5-20x44mm PA riflescope for only $249.99 in your choice of V-Plex or Target Dot reticle

Vortex Viper 6.5-20x50mm PA riflescope with Target Dot reticle for only $279.99

If a great deal on a quality binocular is what you’re looking for check out these outstanding values:

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Vortex Fury 12.5x42mm Binocular for only $199.99

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Remember, with any Vortex Binocular purchase you can add their Vortex Binocular Harness Strap for only $10.00.

Please feel free to give a call to me or Neil with any questions.

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