Kootenay Hunting Journal

October 4th 2010- The drive out east to the Kootenays took approximately 9 hours to get into our hunting spot.

October 5th- Logging trucks coming in around 3:00am to start their day and ours I guess.

6:15 am- large and wide 5×5 bull elk in logging slash with nice chocolate antlers and white tips.(6pt or better season) .

9:00 am- 2 White tail does.

4:00pm- Black Bear.

Oct 6

6:30am- 2 Mule deer does.

5:15pm- 1 4×4(single eye guards)bull elk with 4 cows.

Oct 7

7:45am- wt doe.

8:30am- 4 wt does.

Moved camp for night to different location due to heavy logging.

4:15pm- 4 cow elk.

4:30pm- 1-5×5 bull elk with a tiny sticker (not quite legal) and 1 cow.

4:45pm- 2 cow elk.

5:15pm- 1 cow elk.

5:40pm- 1 wt doe.

6:39pm- 1 wt buck w/ doe. (past legal shooting light)

Oct 8

7:58am- 2 Wt does.

8:12am- 4 cow elk.

9:00am- 4 cow elk.

9:15am- 2 wt does.

12:05pm-2 wt does.

1:22pm- 1 wt doe.

4:00pm- 3 cows.

7:15pm 4 wt does.

Oct 9 (back to original spot)

7:00am- 2 wt does w/ 1 WT buck (I took him as it was the first oppertunity at a legal animal)

8:30am-2 wt does w/ mature wt buck.(just my luck, right after I cut my wt buck tag there is a monster in front of me. Re-taught me a lesson-you cant take the big ones while you are skinning the little ones).

Oct 10 (wt does open up)

3:00pm- 3 wt does( I harvest one, my hunting partner harvests one).

3:40pm-4 wt does cross the road.

6:20pm- 3 mule deer does with one small mule deer buck. By the time we identified the buck it was too dark and approximately 200 yards away.

We break camp and get some sleep. Wake up at 2:00am and start heading home for thanksgiving dinner. We ended up seeing a couple of cougars at 3:00am crossing the highway. We got home at around 11:00am and brought our game to the butcher and had a great thanksgiving.