Boxing Week Optic Sale

Camera Land’s Year End Sale

This is our Year End, Pre-SHOT Show Clearance, Pre-Inventory (I hate counting boxes for inventory), If you didn’t get everything you wanted for Christmas Sale.

If you order these items directly from our web site, and the price is higher on the web site, just type "Year End Sale" in the note area and we will refund the difference back to your payment method. If you don’t like that method just call the order in to us.

To make it a bit simpler, I am doing this by mfg. in alphabetical order….

Columbia by Kruger Optical

Timberline Series:

#52006 8×42 Timberline only $79.99 reduced from $199.95

#52007 10×42 Timberine only $89.99 reduced from $219.95

#52008 10×56 Timberline only $139.99 reduced from $319.95


Leica CRF-800’s @ only $399.99

We are still offering a $400.00 trade in allowance on any scope towards the purchase of a Leica Show Sample (never mounted) Riflescope. This gets you a Leica 2.5-10x42mm Riflescope in your choice of Plex, 4A, #1 or CDD (Fine Plex) @ $1049.99 or the Ballistic @ $1099.99 Leica 3.5-14x42mm Riflescope in your choice of Plex, 4A, #1 or CDD (Fine Plex) @ $1149.99 or the Ballistic @ $1249.99

Minox Open Box Specials

Minox Open Box Riflescope Deal – These have not been mounted and come with the full warranty

#66000 ZA-3 3-9x40mm Plex @ $289.99 reduced from $399.00

#66001 ZA-3 3-9x40mm BDC @ $299.99 reduced from $419.00

#66010 ZA-5 2-10x40mm Plex @ $349.99 reduced from $479.00

#66021 ZA-5 3-15x42mm BDC @ $399.99 reduced from $529.00

#66030 ZA-5 4-20x50mm Plex @ $549.99 reduced from $699.00 or the #66031 ZA-5 4-20x50mm BDC @ $579.99 reduced from $729.00

Minox Spotting Scopes: – Complete with caps and cases

We have the following spotting scopes from a few trade shows. It looks like this product was brought to the shows and not even opened. This is a great opportunity.

#62210 MD-62 Straight with Minox #62300 20-45x Zoom Eyepiece usually $848.00


#62211 MD-62 Angled with Minox #62300 20-45x Zoom Eyepiece usually $898.00.

*****Your choice only $399.99*****

#62300 20-45x Zoom Eyepiece for $119.99 reduced from $199.00 new

#62225 MD 50W Angled Spotting Scope only $189.99 reduced from $349.00

#62226 MD 50 Straight only $189.99 reduced from $349.00

Minox Open Box Binocular Sale
The prices here are for open box goods. A few of these are new last years models (the ones with *). These are also available new at deep discounts, please see product page for pricing.

#62026 8×42 Arctic Hunter only $119.99 reduced from $319.00

*#62122 BD 8×32 BR ASPH only $199.99 reduced from $450.00

*#62151 BD 10×44 BP only $199.99 reduced from $599.00

#62188 German HG 8×33 BR only $599.99 reduced from $1295.00

*New – Discontinued #62155 HG 8.5×43 BR ASPH only $449.99 reduced from $899.00

#62189 – Minox German HG 8×43 BR only $649.99, reduced from $1345.00

*New – Discontinued #62157 HG 10×43 BR ASPH only $499.99 reduced from $949.00

#62190 – Minox German HG 10×43 BR only $649.99, reduced from $1395.00

*New – Discontinued #62159 HG 8.5×52 BR ASPH only $499.99 reduced from $1049.00

*New – Discontinued #62161 HG 10×52 BR ASPH only $599.99 reduced from $1099.00

#62192 – Minox German HG 10×52 BR only $699.99, reduced from $1595.00

#62193 – Minox German APO-HG 8×43 BR only $1099.99, reduced from $1849.99

#62194 – Minox German APO-HG 10×43 BR only $1099.99, reduced from $1899.99

These four BF series binoculars are new units that are being closed out. They are great optics at unbeatable prices, while supplies last:

#62033 BF 8×25 BR only $79.99 reduce from $149.00

#62032 BF 10×25 BR only $79.99 reduced from $159.00

#62034 BF 8×42 BR only $139.99 reduced from $289.00

#62173 BF 10×42 BR only $139.99 reduced from $299.00

Newest Models – Open Box

#62029 BV II 10×42 BR only $219.99 reduced from $299.00

#62036 BL 15×56 BR only $599.99reduced from $899.00


#8221 Nikon Trailblazer 10×50 ATB Demo only $99.99 reduced from $179.99

Nikon Buckmaster 10×36 #7420 only $99.99 reduced from $199.99


These two items are unopened "Show Samples"

6.5×21 Papillio only $69.99 reduced from $129.00

10×50 DCF SP only $369.99 reduced from $799.00


Only $249.99 for your choice of the Promaster Infinity Elite ELX 8×42 ED Binocular, Part# 1187 (normally $499.99) or the Promaster Infinity Elite ELX 10×42 ED Binocular, Part# 1194 (normally $549.99)


8×30 SLC’s only $849.99 while supply lasts. These are brand new


Vortex Razor 8.5×50 Binocular only $479.99 reduced from $829.99

Vortex Razor 12×50 Binocular only $499.99 reduced from $869.99

Vortex Viper 6×32 Binocular only $329.99 reduced from $509.99

Vortex Viper 8×32 Binocular only $339.99 reduced from $519.99

Vortex Viper 10×32 Binocular only $339.99 reduced from $529.99

Vortex Viper 12×42 Binocular only $349.99 reduced from $559.99

Vortex Viper 8.5×50 Binocular only $374.99 reduced from $589.99

Vortex Viper 10×50 Binocular only $389.99 reduced from $599.99

Vortex Viper 15×50 Binocular only $399.99 reduced from $619.99

Vortex Viper 2-7x32mm riflescope for only $174.99 in your choice of BDC, C3 or V-Plex reticle (Includes a set of Vortex rings)

Vortex Viper 3-9x40mm Plex riflescope for only $249.99

Vortex Viper 3.5-10x50mm riflescope with V-Plex reticle for only $249.99 (Includes a set of Vortex rings)

Vortex Viper 6.5-20x44mm PA riflescope for only $249.99 in your choice of Plex or Target Dot reticle

Vortex Fury 10x32mm Binocular for only $174.99

Vortex Fury 8x32mm Binocular for only $174.99

Vortex Fury 6.5x32mm Binocular for only $169.99

Remember, with any Vortex Binocular purchase you can add their Vortex Binocular Harness Strap for only $10.00.

Vortex Impact RA 70mm Spotting Scope for only $179.99

*****20% off any Skyline Spotting Scope inluding both Regular or ED in either Straight or Angled*****

Vortex Solo R/T 8×36 Tactical Monocular Part #RT836S on Sale for $79.99 reduced from $119.99

Zeiss Conquest refurb Riflescopes:

6.5-20X50 AO CONQUEST #20 RET REFURB – 5 available @ $699.99

6.5-20X50 AO CONQUEST #43 RET REFURB – 2 available @ $699.99

3-12X56 CONQUEST #8 RET REFURB – 2 available @ $699.99

3-9×40 CONQUEST #20 RET REFURB – 5 available @ $349.99

4.5-14X44 CONQUEST #20 RET Demo – 1 Available @ $599.99

6.5-20×50 CONQUST H #43 RET REFURB – 1 available @ $699.99

3.5-10X44 CONQUEST #71 RET REFURB – 2 available @ $549.99

6.5-20X50 CONQUEST #73 RET REFURB – 4 available @ $789.99

4.5-14×50 CONQUEST H #43 RET REFURB – 1 available @ $649.99

3-9×50 CONQUEST #71 RET REFURB – 1 available @ $474.99

3.5-10X50 CONQUEST #20 RET REFURB – 3 available @ $539.99

All the best to everyone for a happy and healthy new year. Please feel free to call Doug or Neil @ 212-753-5128 with any questions.

Doug @ Camera Land

Bear Rugs Out of the Freezer

As hunting season comes to a close it becomes time to deal with the trophies you collected over the fall. You know that bear rug you have tucked away in your deep freeze that your wife is telling you to get rid of, well find a taxidermist and get a rug made. Here are some tips on what criteria to look for when choosing a taxidermist:

taken from:

Choosing the right taxidermist to ensure that your trophy animal is preserved properly is a very important decision to make. It is true that the skill level of taxidermy depends on the knowledge and expertise of the specific person and the level varies from one end of the spectrum to the other. It ultimately boils down to you, who has to make the right selection of a taxidermist, if you want good results.

There are a number of things that you can do, in order to ensure that you leave your trophy with the appropriate person for the job.

For optimal results, it is advisable to keep the price consideration for the service at the bottom of your priority list especially if it is a once in a lifetime trophy as your objective is not saving money, it is getting the best possible mount. Professional capability should find a place at the top of the list. A good taxidermist should be able to make your trophy appear lifelike after being mounted. With modern advancements in technology, there should be no excuse for your trophy animal not to appear like a living animal. You must therefore try to look at the earlier work done for previous clients. This can be at the taxidermist’s showroom or at the homes of the clients.

Some important questions that you must ask the taxidermist, to ensure that you choose one that is best can be:

Can you give me references to some of your clients, for whom you have done similar work?
Have you undergone any certification program that qualifies you as a certified taxidermist?
Are you a member of any state or national organization of taxidermists?
Do you regularly attend seminars and workshops related to taxidermy?
Do you subscribe to good taxidermy periodicals and magazines?
Do you participate in taxidermy competitions? If you do, have you been awarded any special awards, titles or blue ribbons for work excellence?
Can I see some of your finished mounts?
Do you provide a guarantee against your work?
Do you have insurance cover in case something untoward happens, while my trophy is in your possession?
Does a taxidermist require a license in your state? If yes, do you have a valid license?

Good and bad reputation has an uncanny ability to spread. Ask around about the reputation with respect to the work done by the taxidermist, take time to check on a number of taxidermists to compare their work and other details, before making a final decision in favor of one. After all, you will be staring at the mount on your feature wall for some time. By comparing taxidermists to find what you want, you can be assured of good end results.

Ask to see their portfolio of work and reference library. A good taxidermist will have an immense amount of photographic material on the works he has done along with considerable books and other reference material on taxidermy. The reference material can be from a broad variety that would include wildlife and so also from taxidermy magazines, books related to biology, anatomy, habitat etc, of different animals, photographs on the inside of the mouth, eyes, ears and nostrils, live animals of all sizes and types. Check for different mount options for different animals and those available with him for your trophy.

If money does form an important part of the equation for getting your trophy mounted, one alternative would be to take just the cape or hide to him for tanning. Once tanned, you will be able to store it without suffering damage for a long time, if it is commercially dry tanned. This can let you have your trophy mounted at a later date, when you find your situation financially more congenial. But, before opting for this, make sure you check with the taxidermist. Also check, if he will discount the cost of tanning, when you eventually give the cape for mounting to him.

If you exercise due care and are able to make the right selection, you can be assured that your trophy will really last for a very long time.



I hope that article helps you during this off season.

Young Hunter Bags Huge Buck

Talk about beginners luck, most of us spend years before taking a buck of this caliber if ever. Read on for a story that will either infuriate you or inspire you:

Original article:

Many hunters have to tramp through the woods for years before downing a trophy-sized buck.

It took 11-year-old Carl Starkey just one hour on the first deer hunt of his life. Carl, who attends Western Reserve Elementary School, hunted with his dad Kermit of Norwalk, and was sitting in a box blind when the deer came out of the woods about 100 yards away. It fed in a field for about 10 minutes, returned to the woods, then came out again following two does.

When it reached 30 yards, young Carl shot it behind the shoulder with a 20 gauge Mossberg Youth Combo. Within 150 yards it was down, a whopping 20-point mosshorn. That might be the deer of a lifetime for this 11 year old beginning hunter.

# Young hunters across Ohio again enjoyed success during the seventh annual Youth Deer-Gun Season Nov. 20 and 21. Hunters age 17 and under harvested 9,024 deer during the special two-day season, compared to 9,331 last year.

Counties reporting the greatest number of deer killed were Tuscarawas (434), Knox (416), and Holmes (337). In north central Ohio, our Richland County’s young hunters bagged 96, Crawford’s 95 Ashland took down 196, and Huron bagged 108.

The Division of Wildlife estimates 40,000 young hunters took to the state’s fields and forests during the two-day season.


Dick Martin is a retired teacher who has been writing about the great outdoors in north central Ohio for more than 20 years. He can be reached at

Wow 1 hour of hunting and an eleven year old nails a 20 pointer with a mossberg shotgun.

Bear Meat Recipes

Put some of that bear meat in your freezer to use this holiday season with some great recipes from:

Bear Meat Loaf (I)


Ground bear-meat – 2 lbs

Milk                             – ½ cup

Eggs                           – 2

Thyme                         – ¼ teaspoonful

Oregano                     – ¼ teaspoonful

Tomato sauce           – ¾ cup

Onions (minced)        – 1 cup

Dry Mustard               – 1 ½ cup

Mushroom                  – 1 small can

Breadcrumbs             – 1 cup

Finely chopped green pepper -½

Salt and pepper to taste


Mix all ingredients well and place in a roasting pan. Pre heat oven at 350° and bake for 45 minutes. Remove from oven and spread ketchup/BBQ sauce over the top. Replace in oven and bake for another 15 minutes till done. Serve warm.

Bear Meat Loaf (2)


Ground bear-meat – 2 lbs

Ground beef               – 1 lbs

Breadcrumbs             – 1 ½ cup

Eggs                           – 3

Ketchup                      – ¼ cup

Mushrooms                – 1 8 oz can

French Onion soup – 3 cans

Garlic Powder and black pepper to taste


Open 2 cans of onion soup and drain the broth in a bowl. Mix the onions from the cans with the other ingredients in a mixing bowl and when mixed well place the mixture in a roasting pan. Pour the broth from the 2 onion soup cans along with the contents of the third can over the top. Pre heat oven at 350° and cook for 2 ½ hours or till done. Ensure that the meat is cooked thoroughly.

Black bear stew


Cubed bear meat – 4 lbs (cut in 1 inch cubes)

Flour                           – 1 cup

Butter                          – 4 tbs.

Italian Seasoning      – 1 tbs.                       

Corn oil                       – 2 tbs.

Bay leaves                 – 4

Onions (diced)           – 1 large size

Small potatoes          – 2 lbs.

Mushroom                  – 1 lbs. (fresh)

Carrots                       – 5 (sliced)

Turnip                         – 1 (cubed)

Parsnip                       – 5 sliced

Beef broth                  – 1 tin (8 oz)


Take a strong plastic bag. Place bear meat, seasonings and flour in the bag and shake till meat is coated. Take a heavy bottomed skillet and add butter and oil. Add meat and cook on medium heat till meat is browned. Drain the grease from the meat while hot. Add 2 ½ to 3 quarts of water in a Dutch oven and cook all ingredients for approx. 2 to 3 hours at 325°. Check every half hour and add water if required.  Serve warm with Italian bread or fresh rolls.

taken from:

Zeiss Conquest Riflescope Blowout

Here is another sweet deal from Cameraland NY!

Camera Land’s Zeiss Conquest Riflescope Blowout

We just received a bunch of boxes from Zeiss filled with Zeiss Holiday Cheer…Conquest Demo/Refurb scopes. These scopes are all in optically and functionally perfect condition and come with a Zeiss Transferable Lifetime Warranty. We have them priced to make you happy. These will not be on our web site as constant updating would be impossible. Please feel free to call me or Neil @ 212-753-5128 to order or discuss any of these scopes.

3-9X50 CONQUEST #20 Z-Plex – 1 available @ $449.99

4.5-14X50 OONQUEST #20 Z-Plex – 3 available @ $599.99

6.5-20X50 AO CONQUEST #20 Z-Plex – 8 available @ $699.99

6.5-20X50 AO CONQUEST #43 Mildot – 2 available @ $699.99

6.5-20X50 CONQUEST S/S #43 Mildot – 1 available @ $749.99

3-12X56 CONQUEST #8 – 2 available @ $699.99

3-9×40 CONQUEST #20 Z-Plex – 14 available @ $349.99

3.5-10X44 CONQUEST S/S #20 Z-Plex – 1 available @ $499.99

4.5-14X44 CONQUEST #20 Z-Plex – 7 available @ $599.99

4.5-14X44 CONQUEST TARGET #43 Mildot – 1 available @ $649.99

4.5-14X50 CONQUEST H #20 Z-Plex – 2 available @ $599.99

6.5-20×50 CONQUEST #75 Rapid-Z Varmint – 3 available @ $789.99

6.5-20×50 CONQUST H #43 Mildot – 1 available @ $699.99

3.5-10X44 CONQUEST #71 Rapid Z-600 – 6 available @ $549.99

6.5-20X50 CONQUEST #73 Rapid Z-1000 – 4 available @ $789.99

4.5-14×44 CONQUEST TARGET #73 Rapid Z-1000 – 3 available @ $599.99

4.5-14×50 CONQUEST #73 Rapid Z-1000 – 1 available @ $649.99

4.5-14×50 CONQUEST H #43 Mildot – 1 available @ $649.99

4.5-14X44 CONQUEST #72 Rapid Z-800 – 13 available @ $599.99

4.5-14X50 CONQUEST H #72 Rapid Z-800 – 1 available @ $649.99

6.5-20X50 S/S #75 Rapid Z-Varmint – 1 available @ $799.99

3.5-10X44 CONQUEST #72 Rapid Z-800 – 1 available @ $549.99

3.5-10X44 CONQUEST #20 Z-Plex – 1 available @ $499.99

3-9×50 CONQUEST #71 Rapid Z-600 – 2 available @ $474.99

3.5-10X50 CONQUEST #20 Z-Plex – 3 available @ $539.99

View Zeiss Reticles – Click Here

Thank you for your continued support

Doug @ Camera Land