Pythons Hunting Deer

I just got this email today. I must say I did not expect the python to be able to swallow a mature deer full:

I knew they had an huge Asian  python problem in Florida ….  but I didn’t know the pythons were HUGH too!  Yikes

I read an article recently as to how pet pythons released into the Florida swamps were taking over and killing local animals.

This is pictorial proof as to what they can do.

Deer hunting in Florida

Bear Encounters 2012

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Now that the bear hibernation it is time to start keeping track of the bear encounters I hear about. Feel free to post stories in the comments section.

May 31 2012- A bear was seen walking around Pine street in Abbotsford, BC. I think this was the same day my friend saw it run past his balcony just a couple streets away from this sighting:                                                  

June 1 2012- A Yukon man was clawed by a black bear even though he was with 4 dogs and hit the bear with a 4×4 post:

June 1 2012- A cinnamon color phase black bear pulled a deceased body out of a car and partially consumed him:      Then they euthanized the bear they believed to be responsible:                                 

June 4 2012- A Coquitlam man was enjoying a hot tub in Whistler, BC when he felt a blow to his head, when he turned around there was a black bear standing behind him:                                                                                                                                         Then the authorities located and shot the bear :

This story happened on June 13 2012 in Abbotsford BC Canada. A bear walks through a townhouse development right next to the Trans Canada Highway. I cannot believe that a black bear was in this area, very strange. Check out the video:

June 14 2012- Well, one of the Abbotsford bears were captured and it will be released around Harrison:

June 15 2012- A black bear learns from down town scum bags how to break into cars and steal:

June 19 2012 – In Manitoba a young bear released back into the wild despite opposition saying it is a death sentence:      

Environmental group disagrees with relocating problem Alberta grizzly bears. In 2011, 24 bears were trapped and transferred compared with 13 in 2010 and 16 in 2009. In one study, 38 per cent of relocated grizzlies died within two years. 5 grizzly’s have been killed this year so far:

June 21 2012- A farmer reported that a black bear was running around the Matsqui complex in Abbotsford BC. Wildlife authorities were contacted and set up a humane trap.

June 24 2012- Abbotsford Police had to shoot a mature black bear terrorizing a neighbourhood around Mckinley Park after bear spray had no effect. Conservation Officers could not attend. Multiple shots were used to kill the bear with their service rifle. I am assuming it would be a .223 (5.56mm) AR platform rifle:

 September 2012-

I was reading a thread on here:

And heard of a grizzly attack. Thoughts and Prayers are with the family. Here are is the pertinant information from the thread:

I just flew out of the lake yesterday (or today…long drive from Muncho…) and there was an attack. It occurred down the valley towards the Muskwa. The CO visited our camp to inform us…we were told the individual was 'all-right' but the bear was still around. The CO came back the next day and they spent a fair amount of time flying around down the valley. They eventually slung out a bear…

I don't have the whole story as Urs with Liard Air told us a different story than the CO (one version says he was surprised in camp, another says he walked in on a kill…but both said he was only roughed up a bit so I am surprised to hear he is in an induced coma??). I can confirm there are a ton of sows with cubs in there this year and a lot of resident pressure with a lot of success on moose and elk (means lots of gut piles). We had a few problems with bears as well but fortunately none ended badly for us or the bears (warning shots were needed though). One member of our group had a grizzly authorization but only came upon sows with cubs…

One member of our group this past week also knows the pilot of the float plane the group was using and should get the whole story soon.

Another update from a friend of the pilot who flew in the group:

The gentleman that got mauled is a Vanderhoof resident. I spoke to a family member yesterday and this is what they could tell me. They were walking into their camp approx 1/2 mile from the end of the lake. XXXXX's niece noticedshe had left her sleeping bag back at the plane. Conrad said he would go back as there was still a few items in the plane that he needed to grab. Somewhere when going back to the plane, or from the plane back to camp, hewas attacked by a sow and cubs. He managed to get 5 shots into her, (probably the 5 fast shots you guys heard that afternoon). After the attack he managed to walk back to the camp. He was seriously injured, but isexpected to live. His arms were all ripped up and have gone through surgery. Apparently there was a lot of muscle and tendon damage. His jaw is broken on
both sides and his teeth were knocked out, along with facial cuts and on his back. He was flown to Edmonton hospital and is on a ventilator tube as his throat was very swollen. They cannot do any reconstruction surgery to hisface until the swelling goes down and can get him off the tube. The game wardens did find the bear and that was what we saw getting hauled out.


Spoke to his nephew this morning,
Pretty much the same story, he will get his face/jaw operated on today. The bear attacked him and he fought it off then shot it twice. Leg was also bit up, forearm and hands. The bear bit him on the face causing the broken jaws and lips ripped open, as well bit him on top of the head and back.

Here is the article of the above story:

September 19-2012:

Hunter in Northern Alberta gets mauled by grizzly. He managed to get a shot off to scare the bear, then had to hike 5km’s to get cell reception. The rescue team located him with ATV’s before getting the air ambulance to rescue him:

September 21-2012

65 year old man loses jaw in Grizzly Bear attack in North West BC after getting between a sow and cubs:

Check out these tips on how to increase your chance of survival during a bear attack: