Letter to Global TV about Canada in the Rough

Letter from BC Wildlife to Shaw TV and Global TV in regards to Cancelling Canada in the Rough TV show:

September 10, 2012
Greg McLelland
VP, National Sales
Shaw Media
121 Bloor Street, Suite 1500
Toronto, ON  M4W 3M5
Dear Mr. McLelland:
The BC Wildlife Federation wishes to register its strong disappointment of Shaw Media’s
decision to cancel its hunting shows for the fall of 2013. We believe this decision was based on
poor research by Global TV, a subsidiary of Shaw Media. The BCWF represents well over
40,000 outdoor recreationists that includes anglers, hunters and trappers. These people, all of
whom are volunteers, have a stellar record of conservation work that benefits both the wildlife
resource and the general public. All of these people contribute both dollars and countless
volunteer hours to wildlife conservation through habitat restoration and enhancement, fencing
projects, transplants and protection of critical wildlife habitats. Over three decades ago these
same hunters, anglers, trappers and guide outfitters created the Habitat Conservation Trust
Foundation (HCTF) to ensure conservation of our fish and wildlife heritage. This Foundation
was created by adding on annual surcharges on all hunting, fishing, trapping and guide
licenses. Approximately six million dollars are generated each year from these surcharges and
these are used for wildlife and fish conservation projects throughout the province. Many tourists
and the residents of BC enjoy the benefits of the conservation work carried out by these
grassroots groups through HCTF. Across Canada hunters donate close to one million hours
each year for wildlife conservation. In the last fifteen years they have donated over fourteen
million hours to conservation. It is important to emphasis this success story shows leadership by
example. It should have been obvious to a well-informed media such as Shaw that hunters and
anglers are leaders in promoting, protecting and conserving the wildlife resource and habitat for
all Canadians.
The hunting, angling and trapping communities across Canada have been leaders in fish and
wildlife conservation work. These communities have a track record that exemplifies their
commitment to the wildlife resource and habitat throughout Canada. In many instances they
have led conservation efforts for species at risk. These volunteers have created the North
American Conservation Model that is highly respected throughout the world.
Hunting is a Canadian tradition and part of our cultural heritage. Federally it is recognized by the
appointment of a new national hunting and angling advisory panel. In BC the province has
recognized the legitimacy and dedication to conservation of hunting, angling and trapping communities through the provincial Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Heritage Act. Both the federal
and provincial governments have recognized the invaluable contribution that hunters, anglers
and trappers make to wildlife conservation and management.
The BCWF contends that neither Shaw Media nor Global TV conducted the necessary research
prior to its decision to discontinue the fall hunting series. The interests of thousands of British
Columbians and indeed Canadians were not even considered. Instead Global TV appears to
have listened only to the Vancouver Humane Society that is opposed to hunting for emotional
not science based reasons. It is our view that the directed campaign by one group is not
reflective of the true views of the general public. Public opinion polls over time have consistently
shown that the vast majority of the non-hunting public has supported hunting as long as it is
done ethically, humanely and conservation is the highest priority.
The fundamental principle of wildlife conservation is protection of their habitat not simply saving
animals from human activities. The membership of the BC Wildlife Federation strongly requests
that Shaw Media reconsider its decision by conducting far more balanced research into the
merits of offering hunting shows on its network. The BC Wildlife Federation is the oldest
conservation organization in BC with over 40,000 members and 107 clubs. For more
information, visit www.bcwf.bc.ca. We are also available on Twitter and Facebook.
Yours in Conservation,

Bill Bosch
BC Wildlife Federation

Canada in the Rough has it Rough

Much to the dissapointment of Canadian hunters who tune into the best Canadian hunting show….Canada in the Rough will no longer be shown on Global TV. It sounds like it is due to anti-hunting pressure. It is times like these, where us hunters have to unit, and have our voice be heard:

RAM Trucks
Canada in the Rough E-News

Global Television Cancels Hunting Shows from it’s 2013 line-up

It is with great sadness that we announce the very unfortunate decision by Global Television/Shaw Media to cancel all hunting shows on Global and the Shaw affiliate networks.
Canada in the Rough™ has been airing for 8 years on Global Television and we’ve had a tremendous experience doing it. We want to thank all of you for your support throughout the years and as much as we hate to say goodbye, we have no choice. Canada in the Rough™, Canada’s most-watched hunting show, will be pulled off Global Television after December 30, 2012.

Our hunting heritage is under constant attack by those who have forgotten that hunting is at the root of human existence and still the most valuable and effective tool in wildlife management.

If you wish to share your thoughts with Global regarding this decision, please email viewercontact@globaltv.com as well as glynnis.prystae@sjrb.ca and greg.mclelland@shawmedia.ca or call 1-877-307-1999.

Please remember to enjoy the greatness of Canada and be proud of your hunting heritage.

Keith Beasley, Paul Beasley & Kevin Beasley
Executive Producers