Checking the Hunting Rifle

Before I depart on my elk trip I went to the range to test out my 300 Winchester Magnum. I always feel more comfortable knowing my gun is dialed in before I go out. You want to have 100% confidence in your equipment. Especially when it is literally a life in death situation when it comes to hunting rifle accuracy. Here is a 3 shot group at 100 yards and a 2 shot group at 200 yards. The orange target was at 200 yards.


Check out more info on my rifle.

Caution on The Fraser River

I just got this notification from BC wildlife. Ensure your safety while you enjoy one of the biggest pink salmon runs in the last 50 years:

Dear Peacemakers and Friends,

I have been asked by to send out a safety awareness bulletin to sport fisheries groups to be aware of the impending Lower Fraser River Pink Salmon Economic fisheries over the next several days. First Nations groups and DFO are nearing the completion of arrangements to license beach seine fisheries on the mainstem Fraser River and off the mouth of the Harrison and Sumas Rivers.

The first of these fisheries could occur as soon as tomorrow (Saturday) and will continue until the allowable catch is achieved. This is considered one of the largest pink salmon runs since 1959, and one might expect to see a corresponding jump in fleet size. Expect 10 – 20+ beach seine crews daily, largely concentrated between Sumas River mouth and Cheam Beach, but will be seen on most gravel bars where pink salmon can be safely fished with this kind of gear. Recreational anglers may find more solitude by moving into the steep banks, holes and tributaries where beach seine boats cannot operate during this time. First Nations and their fishers extend their gratitude for your consideration during this time.

Please be cautious of the wash from heavy transport vessels as the wash can destabilize a wading angler if caught unawares. Also be aware that while beach seine operators are careful to ensure the fishing zone is clear of people and other vessels before deploying their gear, once deployed, a beach seine and the towing vessel has limited control and may be unable to avoid small craft in their path.

Conversely, when operating another vessel in the vicinity of a beach seine crew, please slow down and pass at a safe distance, as your wake can destabilize fishing crews wading out to retrieve their nets and can flood heavily-loaded transport vessels. I have been reminded to ask that all fishers be aware of the dangers of the river environment – wear your PFD’s and look out for your neighbour. Stay tuned for a follow-up notice on the next Peacemakers meeting scheduled for October 30 at Cheam.

Have a safe and enjoyable fishery!

Yours in Conservation,

Ed George,
Co-Chair, BCWF Tidal Waters Fisheries Committee