5 things every man should own under $500.

weatherby rifle

weatherby rifle

5 things every man should own under $500.

A Rifle

A man needs to have the ability to hunt is own game, shoot targets, and in America, protect his land. There are a few good options out there where you can get a tack driver for under $500 and have a gun you can rely on. Weatherby Vanguard series, orSavage Axis series, to name a few. I have used the Weatherby Vanguard for a few years now with no issues and only good things to say. Yes you can spend over $3000 for great rifles but a $500 can get you hunting with decent accuracy.

A Scope

You need a good scope to go with that rifle. Optics are just as important because you can’t shoot what you can’t see. Especially since most opportunities in hunting are presented in low light conditions. I would not opt for anything lower in quality than a Bushnell Elite 3200 series scope or Leupold VX2 quality. If you can find a good Vortex scope or Minox scope around $500 they are worth every penny.


A Solid Pair of Boots

Boots are a great investment. If you are on your feet a lot, you might as well be comfortable, and protected. Whether you are working or surviving the elements at your own expensive, you  need to make sure your boots are tough, light, waterproof, and comfortable. Basically make sure you get quality boots. They are not cheap but if you are out in the wilderness with cold wet calloused feet, there is nothing worse. Danner bootsLowa, Meindl, Kenetrek all make good options that you can find that meet this criteria.

bar boots saw

A Pendlay barbell with a Stihl 660 and a pair of Kenetrek boots.

A Chainsaw

Nothing proves your manliness like being able to run a big saw to build a log cabin or bring home firewood to build your house. You can get a midsize Stihl or Husqvarna saw around the $500 mark. You can run a $1500 tab if you want to play with a 660 Stihl.

A Good Barbell

A man needs to stay in shape and build strength. A barbell is the most effective and basic way of doing this besides pushups, pull-ups, and dips. Snatch, Clean & jerks, deadlifts, presses, and squats will make anyone into a respectable man. You will appreciate quality of a good bar from the knurling to the spin of the collars in a decent bar from Pendlay. I have the Pendlay needle bearing weightlifting bar but a bushing bar will suit most peoples needs at a cheaper price. Other bars from Bells of steel and Rogue will get you what you need but I have not personally used them. No Question Eleiko is the best but also the priciest running form $800-$1200.