2015 BC LEH Results and Rumours

2015 BC LEH Results and Rumours

Every year there seems to be a set of different stories that run in the circles of BC resident hunters around Limited Entry Draw time. I have heard superstitious people swear by using blue ink, black in, red ink, felt pen etc. I have heard in years past that “anti’s” (Anti-Hunters) have been completing C.O.R.E, getting their hunter numbers, and buying LEH draws so they take chances away from legitimate hunters in the province. This year there was a believable rumour going around that postal workers who were not fond of hunters, would just throw out any LEH draw cards or envelopes addressed to Wildlife Branch on Jutland rd that would pass through their hands. This story made cautious LEH applicants send in their LEH cards in by registered mail or express post insuring no chance of being discarded.

Just in time for spring bear hunting season.

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So what did you put in this year? I put in for the basics, Moose, doe, elk. Last year there was a delay in getting results due to the increase in applicants, I assume this is the case again this year.

Check 2015 BC LEH results here: http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/fw/wildlife/hunting/resident/leh.html#Status