New Copper Bullet Option

Got this press release from Sig today. New Copper Bullet Option for 300 BLK hunters:

sig copper 300 BLK ammo

sig copper 300 BLK ammo

SIG SAUER® Introduces New SIG HT™ 300BLK Supersonic Ammunition for Hunting

Newington, NH (January 11, 2016) – SIG SAUER, Inc. is pleased to announce a new supersonic 300BLK Elite Performance Ammunition round designed specifically for hunting. The SIG HT™ 300BLK cartridge features a 120gr all-copper bullet that delivers deep penetration, consistent 1.8X expansion and maximum terminal ballistic performance, creating an effective hunting round in the 300BLK caliber. The muzzle velocity of this 120gr, lead-free supersonic round is 2,250 fps from a 16-inch barrel rifle with muzzle energy of 1,349 ft-lbs.

Excellent for hunting deer, pigs and predators, the new SIG HT centerfire rifle ammunition gives those who hunt with 300BLK rifles an edge in the field. Its all-copper bullet profile and nose geometry are optimized for feeding smoothly in AR-style rifles. The SIG HT cartridges are made with newly designed premium nickel-plated 300BLK shell cases, not reworked 5.56 cases, and SIG SAUER uses flash-reduced propellant to minimize visible signature while shooting in low-light situations. Premium quality primers are also used to minimize variations in velocity.

“Given the popularity of the 300BLK, we wanted to offer ammunition truly designed for hunting that expands upon impact,” said Dan Powers, president of the SIG SAUER Ammunition Division. “The 300BLK is our first offering in this new SIG HT hunting line of premium grade rifle ammunition. The SIG HT 300BLK supersonic hunting round is in addition to our Match Grade subsonic and supersonic 300BLK rounds. In the coming months, we will be introducing a 220gr subsonic 300BLK hunting round in addition to new rifle ammunition in a variety of other calibers.” Exacting standards as the company’s premium pistols and rifles.

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Checking the Hunting Rifle

Before I depart on my elk trip I went to the range to test out my 300 Winchester Magnum. I always feel more comfortable knowing my gun is dialed in before I go out. You want to have 100% confidence in your equipment. Especially when it is literally a life in death situation when it comes to hunting rifle accuracy. Here is a 3 shot group at 100 yards and a 2 shot group at 200 yards. The orange target was at 200 yards.


Check out more info on my rifle.

Bighorns and Stone Sheep

I just read Bighorns and Stone sheep by Chris Kind. Excellent read on some of the accounts of the biggest rams ever taken.
Chris spent the better part of his life (40 years) guiding sheep hunters to success in British Columbia. I recommend it, not only because it is interesting but it also gives detailed information. You can purchase it on Amazon but it is expensive especially for a 140 page book.


Vehicles for Hunting

 For those of you that are looking for some sound hunting vehicle advice, take a look at these recent reviews done on a 2007 Ford F150, 1993 Jeep Cherokee, and a 1988 Suzuki Samurai:

These articles will point you in the right direction to help you decide the positives and negatives with each type of vehicle. large, mid size, and quad size vehicles have their strengths and weakness. Make an informed choice!

Letter to Global TV about Canada in the Rough

Letter from BC Wildlife to Shaw TV and Global TV in regards to Cancelling Canada in the Rough TV show:

September 10, 2012
Greg McLelland
VP, National Sales
Shaw Media
121 Bloor Street, Suite 1500
Toronto, ON  M4W 3M5
Dear Mr. McLelland:
The BC Wildlife Federation wishes to register its strong disappointment of Shaw Media’s
decision to cancel its hunting shows for the fall of 2013. We believe this decision was based on
poor research by Global TV, a subsidiary of Shaw Media. The BCWF represents well over
40,000 outdoor recreationists that includes anglers, hunters and trappers. These people, all of
whom are volunteers, have a stellar record of conservation work that benefits both the wildlife
resource and the general public. All of these people contribute both dollars and countless
volunteer hours to wildlife conservation through habitat restoration and enhancement, fencing
projects, transplants and protection of critical wildlife habitats. Over three decades ago these
same hunters, anglers, trappers and guide outfitters created the Habitat Conservation Trust
Foundation (HCTF) to ensure conservation of our fish and wildlife heritage. This Foundation
was created by adding on annual surcharges on all hunting, fishing, trapping and guide
licenses. Approximately six million dollars are generated each year from these surcharges and
these are used for wildlife and fish conservation projects throughout the province. Many tourists
and the residents of BC enjoy the benefits of the conservation work carried out by these
grassroots groups through HCTF. Across Canada hunters donate close to one million hours
each year for wildlife conservation. In the last fifteen years they have donated over fourteen
million hours to conservation. It is important to emphasis this success story shows leadership by
example. It should have been obvious to a well-informed media such as Shaw that hunters and
anglers are leaders in promoting, protecting and conserving the wildlife resource and habitat for
all Canadians.
The hunting, angling and trapping communities across Canada have been leaders in fish and
wildlife conservation work. These communities have a track record that exemplifies their
commitment to the wildlife resource and habitat throughout Canada. In many instances they
have led conservation efforts for species at risk. These volunteers have created the North
American Conservation Model that is highly respected throughout the world.
Hunting is a Canadian tradition and part of our cultural heritage. Federally it is recognized by the
appointment of a new national hunting and angling advisory panel. In BC the province has
recognized the legitimacy and dedication to conservation of hunting, angling and trapping communities through the provincial Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Heritage Act. Both the federal
and provincial governments have recognized the invaluable contribution that hunters, anglers
and trappers make to wildlife conservation and management.
The BCWF contends that neither Shaw Media nor Global TV conducted the necessary research
prior to its decision to discontinue the fall hunting series. The interests of thousands of British
Columbians and indeed Canadians were not even considered. Instead Global TV appears to
have listened only to the Vancouver Humane Society that is opposed to hunting for emotional
not science based reasons. It is our view that the directed campaign by one group is not
reflective of the true views of the general public. Public opinion polls over time have consistently
shown that the vast majority of the non-hunting public has supported hunting as long as it is
done ethically, humanely and conservation is the highest priority.
The fundamental principle of wildlife conservation is protection of their habitat not simply saving
animals from human activities. The membership of the BC Wildlife Federation strongly requests
that Shaw Media reconsider its decision by conducting far more balanced research into the
merits of offering hunting shows on its network. The BC Wildlife Federation is the oldest
conservation organization in BC with over 40,000 members and 107 clubs. For more
information, visit We are also available on Twitter and Facebook.
Yours in Conservation,

Bill Bosch
BC Wildlife Federation

With Grizzly Hunting Comes Ignorance

Camouflage Is Always in Season at Tractor Supply Company

I thought I would share some of the comments I deal with on in relation to bear hunting videos. They seem to attract the most anti hunter types. I wonder why they watch my hunting videos? I do not watch videos on how to be a left wing vegan hunter hater then argue with their way of life:

This is a sad atrocity of why anyone would come to Bella Coola. Wilderness and the animals that live there are for everyone not just lame Trophy Hunters that need their ego-stroked.

This is a disgrace and I invite Mr. Ott to reply if he wishes.

Fraser Koroluk

Ok well first of all I have to thank you for watching my videos and contributing to the popularity of this channel by increasing the views and comments. Secondly I feel you are hypocritical by calling me out as needing to have my ego stroked when you are watching videos that you are morally against and then you try to start an argument with me to have your ego stroked. Your stance is based on pure emotion and not the science/reality of nature but you asked for it so I will give it to you.


I am assuming that you live in Bella Coola so you personally must have witnessed grizzly encroachment in Bella Coola and all that comes with that: attacks on humans, livestock kills, property damage, and grizzly bears subsequently being destroyed by conservation officers or illegal kills. In fact this grizzly was harvested in an area that Brent Case was attacked in. You can do a search on cbc’s website to find the article. you can also go and do a search for this: top 10 grizzly bear myths in BC

By managing the grizzly population in BC (by harvesting approximately 6%) and targeting mature adult males (boars) it is better for the overall grizzly population. being hunted/pursued instills the fear of man so it keeps them back of urban areas. You can see that areas like Whistler and Coquitlam bears have no fear of man anymore because they are not hunted there which does not take a genius to figure out due to the large amount of encounters in those areas.


Taking a small number of large adult boars out of the area is better for the herd as there is a decrease in food competition, and big boars will attack and kill bear cubs. Now I know Disney does not show this so you have not experienced this so it is hard to take. But take a deep breath and realize people have different interests and different beliefs in this world. What you did here is comparable to me watching a vegan’s video and ripping them to shreds for what they believe.


It is very sad that people feel they need to ‘harvest’ these animals. One can see from the nervousness of the cameraboy that they are in over their heads. Grizzly Bears are a keystone species in our ecosystem, unlike the hunters that felt they had the right to kill this harmless and reclusive animal.

A sad example of humanity thinking it knows something about bears and a travesty to anyone that does. Shame on the hunter and crew.


Thanks for watching my videos butShame on you for standing on your high horse and preaching to me about your beliefs. I don’t go on to youtube and watch videos of vegan gardeners and lambast them for what they are doing and tell them how they are unhealthy. Nor do I go to animal rights activist/vegetarian videos and tell them they are hypocrites because they wear a leather belts, take medication that was tested on animals, and live in a house that encroaches on wildlifte habitat. Check yourself.

huntingtipsandtricks in reply to kynochtours

  • Great reply, full of the non-factual rhetoric I would expect. Encroachment is a reaction to pressure on other parts of the ecosystem, not a burgeoning bear population that needs to be ‘harvested’. I am a fisheries biologist with 30 years experience in the central coast, so have seen my share of bears (more than you I am sure). I know Brent personally, so don’t go there… Glad to help your You Tube campaign and thx for keeping it lively. PS never watched the video, it loaded to slow.

  • So why is it non-factual?Because you are older than me and you count trout?What,so knowing Brent means that he was not attacked?You start judging me and calling me out and you don’t even watch the video because you have a slow computer?Let me guess, you have no problem with fishing or stocking fish but you disagree with your Gbear colleagues and how the grizzly LEH tags are allocated?You know best about Gbears so you are badgering a hunter over a legal government allocated hunt online? Really?

I got this email on 2012-08-09

Hey hero,

"Hunting" bears in the Bella Coola Valley is hardly hunting. These animals frequent my backyard, big grizzlies and all. Easy pickings. I heard about your heroic video of you taking out one of our beautiful big boars; I hear this is not the first bear you’ve taken from us, either.
Let me ask : What do you mean by harvest? What happens to that humongous resource you’ve stolen from our ecosystem?
My biggest concern is actually our sustainable economics. As this is one of the last places on Earth that is relatively still intact, one of the last places you can come and view these great creatures, more and more people from around the world are wanting to come and see what we have. Bear viewing is taking off, the First Nations here are becoming involved in the tourism and we, the community, are keeping our eyes open for people like you. We’re everywhere. We’ll document and show the world just what is being destroyed. I would invite you to continue talking with me or others from the Bella Coola Valley about being bear aware, about the misconception created by our provincial government on the population of bears and about our future here in a remote valley with amazing natural resources that we depend on. The only tools we have to survive here are being taken from us. The trees are gone, the rivers and streams are damaged and fish populations are extremely low (this valley used to thrive on the Oolichan which was wiped out by shrimp trolling in the open ocean), our wildlife is being poached in our backyards, our crops and livestock are becoming harder to manage due to the climate change, etc, etc… Sensitive ecosystem. We’re a part of it; the bears are a part of it. We depend on them. Do a little research. Times are changing as we’re depleting our resources way too quickly.

Thanks for your time and concern,

Corissa Lee

  • CONGRADULATIONS JUST a hand for the destruction of the ecosystem

  • Actually it is a help for the ecosystem. Thank you for realizing that! Taking big boars out of the area makes room for the sows and their cubs. The boars kill the cubs.

Pythons Hunting Deer

I just got this email today. I must say I did not expect the python to be able to swallow a mature deer full:

I knew they had an huge Asian  python problem in Florida ….  but I didn’t know the pythons were HUGH too!  Yikes

I read an article recently as to how pet pythons released into the Florida swamps were taking over and killing local animals.

This is pictorial proof as to what they can do.

Deer hunting in Florida

Grizzlys Destroyed in Kootenays

Another reason why Grizzly Hunting should be supported, they get destroyed by COs if they infringe on livestock. Hunting a small number of grizzly bears will keep the fear of man instilled in them and keep their numbers down so there is less competition for food. It is a waste to have them destroyed, it does not generate any money for the economy and no one benefits. If they were hunted it would have generated thousands in guiding fees, thousands for the local economy ie. food, lodging, tourism etc, thousands for the taxidermy work, and thousands in licensing fees for the government. Plus if bears are hunted in a certain area, they seem to stay away from civilization because they feel pressure of being persude.

Alberty Archery Whitetail

A friend of mine sent me a story of a successful archery whitetail deer hunt in Alberta from last fall. It is a great story because it details the hard work and persistance it takes to harvest a great quality trophy. Check it out: